I love to help people to reach their potential.

Since leaving my corporate job behind in 2009, I have been helping entrepreneurs and startups. I’ve helped to inspire and educate more than 3000 people in various phases of their entrepreneurial career.

The biggest killer of all business endeavours is attempting to sell something which nobody wants to buy. It’s no coincidence that the Lean Startup methodology promotes a “customer first” way of working and focusses heavily on customer validation.

Despite this, as an aspiring entrepreneur, many people will tell you that you should follow your passion. Whilst this advice is far from terrible, it does have tend to instil a somewhat self centred perspective, which can make it significantly harder to build a business.

Instead, I prefer to help people think from the perspective of “what can I contribute to the world?”, thus making it easier to translate their passions and talents into profitable business.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

I’m excited to work with people who are committed to creating a thriving, successful business by contributing their passion and talent to the world.

As a coach I offer my clients guidance, skill building, action based coaching and support based on two decades of real world experience including direct and remote team management, strategic operations and entrepreneurial challenges.

Common questions I hear are:

– How do I start my own business?
– When should I quit my job?
– How do I get investment?
– Is my million dollar idea actually any good?
– How do I launch a new product?
– Do I really need a business plan/strategy?
– How do I find a co-founder?
– What’s the best way to grow my business?
– How do I do I hold myself accountable?
– When should I hire staff?
– Can you help me focus?
– Am I doing okay?

Why do entrepreneurs need coaches?

Becoming, or being, a successful entrepreneur is hard. It’s incredibly difficult to focus on getting the work done at the same time as considering new strategy options as well as learning as you go. Often, entrepreneurship is described as the equivalent of jumping off a cliff and then making your parachute on the way down.

Athletes, whether amateurs or professional top sporters, have long understood that in order to win, they must focus only on the goal, and that by helping from the outside, coaches are essential to winning.

Entrepreneurs benefit not only from the experience and network of a coach, but also their broad perspective as an outsider.

How does the coaching work?

Whilst no two clients are the same, the process of starting and growing a business can be broken down into distinct repeatable steps. Understanding this process enables me to ask the right questions so that you can determine how best to move forward. Therefore my coaching is 80% based on a process and 20% based on your specific individual needs.

We begin by exploring:
– Your current situation
– Your talents and skills
– Your vision and dream
– Your motivation and commitments
– The barriers holding you back

Then we look at the process of starting or growing a business:

– Why should this business exist?
– Why are you the right one to lead it?
– Understanding where to start

Customer Discovery
– Identification of problem/pain point
– Developing a solution
– Defining the benefits of your solution

Customer Validation
– Preparing to sell your solution
– Proving your solution will sell repeatably
– Determining your positioning

Customer Creation
– Creating demand for sales
– Understanding the market/clients
– Launch and scaling sales

Company Creation
– Transitioning to stable scaleable processes
– Strategies for growth
– Hiring and firing

as well as other subjects such as:

– Free vs paid products/services
– Financial strategies and goals
– Marketing, promotional and relationship building strategies
– Measurements to know you’re on the right track

Do you need entrepreneurial coaching?

If any of the following questions feel familiar, you’re ready for a coach:

– Are you ready to evaluate whether entrepreneurship is the right career move for you?
– Do you want to build your business on a foundation of personal values, vision and purpose?
– Are you committed to your entrepreneurial journey and to creating your own success?
– Are looking for accountability and support to achieve your goals?
– Do you need to grow your business and increase profitability?
– Are you looking to drive greater results through better leadership?

What are the next steps?

To begin to understand your purpose in the world, start by understanding: why you are the way you are and then answer these three most important questions.

Once you’ve done that, book me for a free 15 minute chat to see if I can help you further.