Event Facilitator

Whether you want to call me an MC, Host or Facilitator and for the Dutch: Dagvoorzitter – since 2011 I have been taking to the stage to host more than fifty purpose driven events.

You’ve more than likely seen a host at an event. They’re the rockstar that opens the event, introduces the speakers, and closes the event. At least, that’s what you see. In reality, they should do so much more.

An amateur host will single handedly make your event suck by being the one thing the audience remembers. “The event was okay, but what were they thinking by using that host?!”.

A good host will show up on the day and follow the script. Your event will more than likely be fine. Just like most other events.

A great host will work with you before the event and share their experience of how to make the whole event flow much better, but how?

In my experience, they will develop, with you, the perfect storyline to be told throughout the day – we call this the ‘red thread’ – so that everything feels connected.

They will talk to the speakers to ensure they know the right context to introduce them without blowing their story.

They will make sure that the audience is in tune and engaged with the event as well as creating the right atmosphere – by making the audience laugh, or drawing attention to a serious matter at the appropriate moment.

They will be able to host an engaging panel discussion with several speakers, asking important questions to stimulate interesting answers.

They will be able to handle bad or nervous speakers, or those that are running out of time Рwith grace.

They will be able to direct the audience in times of need – whether that is timekeeping around breaks, or in an emergency situation.

They will be able to adapt on the fly – changing content because of a speaker who is delayed or cancelled, without the audience knowing that anything went awry.

They will be listening real time, to capture and remind the audience of the most important line from each speaker, in a natural way as wells as preparing an epic closing piece for the audience.

Most importantly, their job is not to be the rockstar of the day, their job is not to make your organisation look good, their job is to work for the audience.

They will make your event feel like magic – and yet, almost nobody will remember their name.

At least, that is what I will do for you.

If you have an event that has any focus on purpose – whether that’s inspiring people to become purpose driven, helping people or companies that are already purpose driven, or spreading the word about purpose as a driving factor for business, I’m available to be your host/facilitator.